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For thousands of years, fishermen have used feathers and furs of wild game to create artificial flies. Binding various materials to a hook, in order to entice fish to strike, has evolved into an art form that has been embraced by the fly fishing community. Selecting the right hooks, choosing alluring threads and feathers, and building durable and effective flies is what captivates anglers and kindles their passion for fly fishing. So let Rocky Mountain Anglers inspire you and help you continue the time-honored tradition of fly tying, by signing up for private fly tying lessons!
Free Fly Tying Advanced Fly Tying Club(Coming in November) Fly tying allows anglers to express their creativity and produce high quality flies that can be adapted to various fishing conditions. By creating compelling flies, fishermen become more effective and enrich their fly fishing experience. Our free fly tying classes are perfect for anglers looking to attain a firm grasp of the various fly tying skills required to build a solid foundation in fly tying. Working closely with our professional staff on the use of fly tying tools, materials, and techniques, anglers learn to create successful fly patterns for Colorado's various waters. Our complementary fly tying series is held Saturdays from 9:30am to 2pm and runs throughout the winter fishing season (October through March).Discover new techniques, and tie complex flies, as you work side-by-side with our professional staff in this interactive group geared towards advanced fly tying enthusiasts. Each week our helpful staff will guide you in the creation of successful fly patterns that members pick themselves. As with all classes in our FREE Fly Tying series, the necessary materials and tools are provided. We, however, encourage you to bring your own tools and vise so you can become familiar and comfortable with your own equipment. We look forward to seeing you Thursday night!

Group Fly Tying Classes Available!
Looking to share your personalized fly tying experience with friends and family? Arrange a private group lesson, and master the fine art of fly tying together!
Enrollment Price: Free to the PublicEnrollment Price: $25/hour for a group of 5 people