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Rocky Mountain Anglers has become an established member of the fly fishing community and is an excellent place to receive valuable advice from the region's fly fishing experts. Whether you need a few suggestions on improving your casting technique, creating stronger fly fishing knots, or locating thriving fishing waters, our knowledgeable staff is always delighted to help. For aspiring anglers looking for more in-depth guidance, we recommend taking advantage of our guided fly fishing trips and private fly tying lessons, where you can receive personal attention from our experienced instructors. So contact us and tap into a local network of fly fishing professionals!
One-on-One Casting One-on-One Fly Fishing Becoming a successful fly fisherman begins with learning and developing fly casting techniques which greatly improve the accuracy and efficiency of each cast. The ability to present the fly with pin-point accuracy under a variety of conditions can make the difference between a good fly fishing trip and a great one. To give aspiring anglers confidence in their casting abilities, Rocky Mountain Anglers offers one-on-one casting lessons led by our knowledgeable and friendly instructors. Our private casting instruction can help novice fly fishermen understand the basics of casting, the physics of a fly cast, and how a fly rod works. More experienced anglers can learn advanced techniques including the double haul, roll cast, and the stealth bow and arrow. Each private lesson is available in one hour sessions and is perfect for both individuals and small groups looking to address their casting concerns. Call the shop today and let us take the hitch out of your cast!When anglers wade into crystal clear waters among the deep pools and swirling eddies, they often become frustrated when encountering difficulties with fly fishing techniques. Whether they have issues fishing streamers, nymphing tail waters, or reading water, Rocky Mountain Anglers can help eliminate the frustration and make your time on the water more enjoyable with our one-on-one fly fishing lessons. Our private fly fishing instruction is designed to address the specific fly fishing problems of individual anglers who already have a firm grasp of the basics. Guided by experienced and patient mentors, anglers can learn the intricacies of different fly fishing methods as they draw on the expertise of their instructor and accelerate their move up the learning curve. So sign up for a one-on-one fly fishing lesson today and let us help you become the fly fisher you want to be! Enrollment Price: $25 per person/hourEnrollment Price: $200 for a 4 hour session