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»11 Mile Canyon
Current:   N/A 
6 Hrs Ago:   N/A 
12 Hrs Ago:   134 cfs
24 Hrs Ago:   188 cfs

Cheeseman Canyon
Current:   N/A 
6 Hrs Ago:   N/A 
12 Hrs Ago:   257 cfs
24 Hrs Ago:   331 cfs

Dream Stream
Current:   N/A 
6 Hrs Ago:   N/A 
12 Hrs Ago:   189 cfs
24 Hrs Ago:   189 cfs

We've had some excellent reports coming back from the Splatte as of late. Recent trips have seen PMDs, caddis, yellow sallies, golden stones, hoppers, tons of tricos, and of course midges. With the higher flows since the bump in late July, our guides coming back from personal fishing trips have also reported some awesome streamer action during the last hour or two of daylight/on especially overcast days in Cheesman Canyon. When these sorts of conditions present themselves, try throwing a brighter articulated streamer in and around pockets and structure and keep your eye on the retrieve for a chance at some exciting visual takes and follows. Nymphing/technical dry fly fishing will of course always be the go-to down here, so standard rigs for this time of year will definitely be your best bet for numbers. When throwing dries, it's always a good idea to lengthen the leader a bit. On warm days, try a Dave's Hopper or a smaller Elk Hair caddis, and drop a small sz 18-20 RS2 or other emerger/micro dry such as a Para extended body PMD #18-22, Para Adams #18-22, Griffiths Gnat #18-22, Matt's Midge #20-22, and Smokejumpers #18-22. When nymphing, a heavy tung bead caddis larva, Jigged CDC Pheasant Tail, or Two-Bit Hooker on point dropping to a sz 20-22 Top Secret Midge, sz 20-22 Copper Ribbed Foam Back RS2, or a #14-20 scud, can be a deadly nymphing setup at both Cheesman and Deckers, with plenty of fish coming to the small midge even with flows up. When fishing the Platte, I like to start with as little weight on the rig as I think I can get away with, and progressively add split shot and go deeper with the flies as needed if the fish aren't moving up in the water column. Some good reports have come back from the Dream Stream recently (resident fish on Tricos,) but we're still a solid two months out from the start of lake-run brown season.

Report Updated On: 08/14/2017
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