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Report Bugs Weather Map River Rating: River Flow: 425 cfs
River Statistics:
»Gunnison River at Gunnison
Current:   425 cfs
6 Hrs Ago:   435 cfs
12 Hrs Ago:   444 cfs
24 Hrs Ago:   435 cfs
Gage Height:   1.46 ft

Gunnison River Below Tunnel
Current:   952 cfs
6 Hrs Ago:   947 cfs
12 Hrs Ago:   958 cfs
24 Hrs Ago:   958 cfs
Gage Height:   3.29 ft

Taylor River
Current:   302 cfs
6 Hrs Ago:   299 cfs
12 Hrs Ago:   296 cfs
24 Hrs Ago:   287 cfs
Gage Height:   4.36 ft

Hopper droppers are the go to right now. A foam indicator fly up top with a stonefly nymph tied 2-3 feet below and a smaller BH nymph off of that. I like a red two bit hooker, red copper john, iron sally, tungsten electric caddis, z wing caddis, or caddis pupa all #14-18. This rig will pull tight all day long. Fish are going to be spread out along the river. Along the banks, riffles, drop offs, underneath willows, shadow lines and along rock walls. Fish have been coming to the dry so get ready to live. Fishing was consistent from the time we put on until about 1pm, when the sun go high. Nymphing the deep holes was effective too. Fish readily ate the girdle bug, caddis larva, and small baetis and midge patterns, like size 18-22. Leeches have also been an effective dropper. As far as streamer fishing is concerned, fish are coming to the fly with regularity, more so with variable weather, overcast and rainy. If all you fished was a streamer you'd get a good workout and turn your fair share of bruisers. Overcast days are better than high sun days as is true with most fishing. Bang the banks as the big dogs tend to be solitary creatures living in the most advantageous feeding lanes. Caddis is becoming a great fly option for evening floats or fishing adventures. Double caddis dry rigs or dry dropper rigs with a caddis dry and either larva or pupa dropper are great rigs for an afternoon and evening of fun. Float fishing has been on fire from Almont down to the whitewater park, most of the guides are on the water by 830-9 so if you can beat the rush you get first dibs. Fishing Pleasure Park has been fantastic as well. Hoppers got their fare share of eats and nymphing the deep runs pull plenty of fish. Stones, caddis, baetis, PMD, and midge. Kokanee are starting their annual spawning run up from Blue Mesa, we hooked a few nice ones, they will put a good bend in you rod! Fall is in the air there. Mornings saw temps around 40's and during the day mid to low 90's. It felt like fall a few of the leaves changing colors as well. Tricos and BWO's were out n about as well. For the Taylor, fish are more spread out through the system. Similar bugs as the Gunny for lower down in the canyon. As you work your way up stream to the C&R section size down your tippet. Where 3 and 4X are appropriate for the Gunny and lower Taylor, think 4, 5 and 6X up top. The Taylor is on its way down as well but in a more controlled manner. Some of those bigger brutes from the toilet bowl are bound to be pushed down with the higher flows. Smaller bugs #20-16, Mysis, Stones, PMD's, BWO's, Midges, Annelids, and yellow Sallies all are in play. Look for deeper runs to produce more than one fish. Splitshot will be the key to get the flies down quickly in the higher flows. If you do find yourself hooked up to a hog, be ready to move with the fish as the flows are moving. Yell for your partner or a random person to help net the fish. Hold on and good luck!

Report Updated On: 09/09/2017
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