River Report
Report Bugs Weather Map River Rating: River Flow: 2320 cfsCurrent Temp: 41°F 
River Statistics:
»Gunnison River at Gunnison
Current:   2320 cfs
6 Hrs Ago:   2150 cfs
12 Hrs Ago:   2180 cfs
24 Hrs Ago:   1980 cfs
Gage Height:   2.90 ft

Gunnison River Below Tunnel
Current:   10800 cfs
6 Hrs Ago:   11000 cfs
12 Hrs Ago:   11700 cfs
24 Hrs Ago:   11800 cfs
Gage Height:   11.81 ft

Taylor River
Current:   350 cfs
6 Hrs Ago:   357 cfs
12 Hrs Ago:   350 cfs
24 Hrs Ago:   303 cfs
Gage Height:   4.52 ft

The Gunny has been on fire. Recent trips have reported double digit fish days. Streamers have been the name of the game. Bright skies = bright flies, dark skies = dark flies for streamer fishing that my key if you will. Nymphing has been a great way to pick up fish all day. Point flies have been girdle bugs, san juan worms, eggs, leeches and a bigger BH nymph like a psycho prince, HDA variant, or copper john are all overproducers. Trailing off these with smaller baetis and midge patterns on the #18-22 size all pull tight to fish. Pheasant tails, zebra midges, sparkle wing Rs2's, black beauties, tungsten micro mayfly are all great trailers. And if that's not enough for you, #18-24 para adams, para extended body BWO, sparkle dun, CDC BWO all are great options to fool one on a dry. Look for back eddies with lots of foam, bubbles and slower moving water. Pods of rising fish can be found throughout the upper section of the gunny through town and below. For tackle;4X is a great option with 5X dropped off, weight will be heavier early in the day and less as the hatches start coming off; 1030-11am. If you don't feel like fishing a freestone and want to take your chance at a 20 pounder take the trip up the canyon to the Taylor. The pig trough is on. Big fish are being caught daily. Overcast days, early mornings and late evenings are overproducing. Fish become a little braver when the shadows start getting long or the skies are muddled. Much like the Pan, fish here will always eat a Mysis Shrimp, midge, or small Annelid style worm under an indicator. When selecting your flies, smaller is always better on this river- fish will literally swim around a size 22 midge, but eat the same pattern tied in a size 24 or even 26. 6x fluoro is mandatory, especially with the low Winter flows the river has seen lately. Flows went up yesterday, if I were you and you were me, I'd be packing up now. Mysis, mysis and more mysis. Good luck out there and happy hunting.

Report Updated On: 04/05/2017
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