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Report Bugs Weather Map River Rating: River Flow: 88 cfs
River Statistics:
»At Lyons
Current:   88 cfs
6 Hrs Ago:   88 cfs
12 Hrs Ago:   90 cfs
24 Hrs Ago:   94 cfs
Gage Height:   3.34 ft

Middle Saint Vrain at Peaceful Valley
Current:   16 cfs
6 Hrs Ago:   15 cfs
12 Hrs Ago:   17 cfs
24 Hrs Ago:   18 cfs
Gage Height:   2.82 ft

South Saint Vrain by Ward
Current:   24 cfs
6 Hrs Ago:   25 cfs
12 Hrs Ago:   26 cfs
24 Hrs Ago:   26 cfs
Gage Height:   1.91 ft

The St. Vrain is in peak fishing shape. Flows are still slightly high, but nothing compared to two weeks ago. Wading is generally easy and the fish are stacked up in the pockets. Bugs are coming out like crazy, especially if you can find a stretch where the sun sets behind the western hills slightly early; cooling down the water, the trout, the temps and making those hatches pop! If your staying low and looking for a great day trip I recommend the South Fork. Fishing has been good midday and great after about 5:00, especially in the shaded runs. Hatches have included stoneflies (Golden and Sallies) and PMD later in the day, and midges and caddis throughout the day. Seeing golden stoneflies up to a size 10 on the rocks but not a ton of schucks, which tells me we haven't even peaked out yet with the Gold stones or the Little Yellow Sallies-great news. Caddis, as always, are here, there and everywhere really. A lot of different species including the famed St. Vrain Caddis. Just keep your eyes open asa you will see one hatch and then 20 minutes after that dissipates, you'll see another. Try several types of Caddis until you find that "just right one". There is several colors, and sizes, and just very sporadic until it cools. The nymph fishing was slightly better than the dry, but a Tungsten CDC pheasant tail on the bottom can do that to you. Try larger to medium to stoneflies as well; Girdle bugs, Prince nymphs, Iron Sallies, Copper Johns. I recommend yellow. It's the official color of the Vrain as it works well on all stone imitations, as well as the St. Vrain Caddis and PMD hatches.

Up high, Wild Basin is shaping up and flows are getting into that preferred range. Weekday or early (real early) weekend fishing is recommended as the tourist hatch is on from 7:30 solid through 4:00. Look for the Texans, Californians, and Illinois natives (Illini, Illinoisans?). If you see them, and lots of vans, the tourist hatch is definitely on. Steer clear as you will find better fishing when you're off by yourself in these areas. Remember, they haven't seen these holes so anything you can see or easily access from the road is going to get hit hard. I recommend parking at Copeland Lake, walking down the hill and then southwest. You can hit the straight away stretch that runs directly North-South but if it's midday or being pressured hard, I recommend going around the corner and fishing the East West stretch. Lots of fish, lots of holes, lots of trout. A true chicken dinner. Same bugs apply here, I would size down slightly compared to the lower stretches. Go find a spot, string up, and get fishing. It's summer and it's dry dropper season; quit wasting time and get out there. Tight Lines

Report Updated On: 06/27/2018
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