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Get over to the Platte! With flows still on the higher side, it is always fun to romp around and enjoy what our wonderful snowpack has brought us. Golden Stones are going off below Cheesman Reservoir, try an Amy's Ant or Golden/Olive Chubby Chernobyl and get your foam eats! Just because the big stuff is out, do not shy away from the smaller offerings such as midges, BWOs, PMDs, and caddis. These bugs are still a big part to these trouts' diet, so have your gentle presentations and fine tippets handy. Subsurface there is not really a bad choice fly wise, bigger offerings such as scuds, stones, and cranefly larva can be the ticket. Small midge patterns and baetis patterns will always catch. Get down to the South Platte and enjoy some of the most gorgeous water in the state! As we head into fall at pretty much all sections of the South Platte, keep an eye out for those tricos. A black sparkle wing RS2 can work great to imitate these little dark mayflies under the surface, and a good rig if you see fish keying in on top is a small parachute adams on point dropping to as small of a little black dry fly as you can muster.

Report Updated On: 08/29/2019
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Casting a fly in a tranquil mountain stream, feeling the tug on the line, and holding a beautiful rainbow trout makes us feel alive and intensely connected with nature. Fly fishing is our way of life and we are blessed with hundreds of nearby rivers and streams just a short distance away from Boulder. From the swift spring waters of the Clear Creek to the meandering bends of the South Platte, it's critical to consider fishing conditions in advance and prepare accordingly. We rely on our experienced guides who venture into the wild to let us know which rivers favor fly fishing, where fish are biting, and which fly patterns are most effective. Planning a successful fishing trip also requires knowledge of stream flows at various river points and an accurate weather forecast for a given destination. At Rocky Mountain Anglers, we are dedicated to providing all avid anglers with detailed and timely information about hatches, water, and weather conditions. So before you head out the door on your next fishing adventure, visit our web site to find valuable information that will prepare you for a successful trip. Have fun chasing after your next trophy trout and enjoy nature's beauty!The Rocky Mountain Anglers Crew
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